Friday, September 6, 2013

Diamanti Milk Chocolate Strawberry Port Wine Kit - Finishing the Kit

UPDATE: Please check my new wine making website for more detail on wine making.   How To Make Homemade Wine
I have to say that this wine kit came out excellent.   I am really enjoying this kit and I am loving Amazon for offering it...

The sad thing about this kit is that the directions are very very very poor.   So, if you get this kit, please refer to my directions, as I made it in the videos I posted on YouTube.

All in all, I think this wine kit is supposed to compete with the Winexpert Chocolate Raspberry Port.  The C. R. P. is a gold medal winning wine kit.    The Diamanti Milk Chocolate Strawberry Port, while not made by Winexpert, is a very nice alternative, at a very reasonable price.

The Winexpert kit comes with an extra sugar pack that you add half way thru the fermentation process, to boost the alcohol content to about 18% when the wine is finished.   Ports usually have a higher alcohol content, by nature.    The Diamanti kit, on the other hand, does not add a sugar pack for this purpose, so the finished wine would be around 14.5%.   I was toying with the idea of adding a simple syrup to the wine half-way thru, but opted to just add a cup and a half of brandy to kick up the alcohol content.  The results are excellent.

To describe the taste, it is not overly sweet, but tastes like a Strawberry that has been dipped in a high quality gourmet chocolate.   Very nice as an after dinner dessert wine.

I ended up with 25 half sized bottles, and an extra quart of wine, not to mention the wine I drank while in the, ehhh, Research and Development, yeah that's it, part of the wine making process.

The kit can be found here:

The video series is here:

All in all, this is a very delicious kit, and I would highly recommend it.   Please let me know how you make out, if you decide to make this one!

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