Thursday, March 21, 2013

Grandma Pizza - Variations On A Classic NY Pizza

Grandma Pizza


Hello Grandma Pizza Lovers,

I have received a lot of very positive feedback on my Grandma Pizza Recipe post.   So, I decided to make another post to further explain some of the endless possibilities with this new york pizza.    If you haven’t seen my previous post for Grandma Pizza, please refer to it here, for the basic and classic Grandma Pizza.

When I make this authentic Italian pizza recipe, I choose a very large pan.   The pan is key, because you need to put some of your finest olive oil under the crust to achieve that frying of the dough that Grandma Pizza is famous for.    You can do anything you want with the basic recipe.  Make it your own.

Let’s say you have some left over Chicken Marsala.   (See my recipe for Chicken Marsala for a great dinner!)   However, some of the people in your family doesn’t like Chicken Marsala!   I know, it is hard to believe.  It actually happens… mostly with folks who never tasted it before.   

Half Grandma Half Chicken Marsala Pie Before Baking
Half Grandma Half Chicken Marsala Pie Before Baking

Yummy!  Chicken Marsala Grandma Pie
Half Grandma Half Chicken Marsala Pie After Baking

You can make a pie half traditional Grandma Pizza and half Chicken Marsala.    You see, just because it is a Grandma pie, doesn’t mean that you can’t treat it like a regular pie and do half toppings.

Another example is if you have some prosciutto.   You can make a pie that is half Grandma Pizza and half white with prosciutto.   

Half Grandma Pizza, Half White Pizza with Prosciutto
Half Grandma Pizza, Half White Pizza with Prosciutto

I am getting hungry writing this post….   Anyway, what I am trying to say is have fun and make it your own special creation…   There are no limits with ny pizza.  Grandma pizza is new york pizza at its finest!

I hope you have enjoyed this post!   Check back for more!  I have some very exciting posts planned in the near future!