Monday, July 15, 2013

Making Wine - Milk Chocolate Strawberry Port - Yumm

Hello All,

I have been posting a few videos on a new wine kit I have been making.   I think it is really cool that you can follow along with me as I am doing this.

This kit, from Amazon, is the Diamanti Milk Chocolate Strawberry Port kit.    It make only about 3 gallons of wine, but if it is anything remotely close to Winexpert Chocolate Raspberry Port, it will be a winner.

The kit can be found here:

The links to the videos are here:

Primary Fermentation:

Secondary Fermentation:

I am only up to step two with this kit, so stay tuned for updates...

I sure hope you have found this helpful and see how easy it is to make wine that you will love!


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