Friday, November 16, 2012

You can make your own wine for FREE!

Italian Red Wine can complement most Italian Food
Wine A Little - You'll Feel Better

UPDATE: Please check my new wine making website for more detail on wine making.   How To Make Homemade Wine

Is there such a thing as free wine?

Two of the greatest things:

o    Free Stuff
o    Wine

Is it possible to make wine for free?   If you already own the wine making equipment, the answer is yes!

The Hard Way:   Grow your own grapes and nurture them for three years before you get your first usable crop.  Make wine with these grapes.

The Easy Way:   Get wine ingredient kits from Amazon, for free.

Here is how you can do this:

Step 1: Apply for the Amazon Credit Card, where you can buy things with “Points”.  With this card, you earn points for your purchases.   Buy stuff on Amazon, 3 point per dollar you spend.   Use the card at restaurants or to by gas, 2 points per dollar….   All other things, one point per dollar.

Step 2:  Notice everything you buy with Cash, or your Debit Card.   All of those things, you will buy with your Amazon card and rack up points.   It is very important to realize that you must pay your card down in full each month, so that you don’t pay any interest!   

You were paying cash for this stuff anyway, now you are funneling the cash through your card.    You can keep a low credit limit, just so you don’t get yourself in trouble….  If you have a $500 credit card, there is no reason you can’t pay it off in full 3 times in a month for an impact of $1500!
Step 3:  When you have enough points, you can get a great Vino Italiano wine kit from Amazon for about $45, shipped.  You are buying the wine with the points that you earned using your card by purchasing stuff you had to buy anyway.   It would take 4500 points….  Sounds like a lot of points, but is it?

Here is how it can add up:
  • Heating your house with Heating Oil, buy the oil with your Amazon card for about 400 points for 100 Gallons of Oil.  The average Oil tank is 275 gallons…  You need to heat your home and spend this money anyway, right?
  • Does it cost you $50 to fill up your car every week?  That is 100 points a week, 400 points a month!
  • Pay your Cell Phone with the card…  
  • Pay for your food at the supermarket with the card  Do your holiday shopping with the card!   If you buy from Amazon, it is 3 points per Dollar… For example, if you spend about $1000 for holiday gifts on Amazon and pay for them with your card, you will earn 3000 points!
  • You can see how this can add up.   It may take a month or even a few months.   But, provided you keep paying your card in full, the wine you will be able to buy will be free.
If you look at my previous post on Wine Making, you will see what equipment you have to buy to get started, but once you own the equipment, you are good to go.  The Vino Italiano wine kits come with everything you need, including the corks, except the equipment to make the wine and the bottles.  You can also get the bottles for free, by becoming friends with the owners of a local restaurant you regularly frequent and ask them to save used wine bottles for you.   Save wine bottles from the wine you drink, as well.   If you were to buy new wine bottles, you would have to wash and sanitize them anyway.  So, why not recycle the used wine bottles yourself...

Just make sure you pay your card off.   Once your maxed out, you are not able to earn more points.   If you carry a balance, there will be interest, and you are defeating the purpose of doing this….

Which is to make wine for free.   And take it from me, free wine tastes delicious…  I hope you enjoy this.   Feel free to comment if you have any questions.

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