Monday, November 26, 2012

Chicken Cutlet Milanese AKA Italian Chicken Cutlets

Chicken Cutlet Milanese - Italian Breaded Chicken Cutlets
Chicken Cutlet Milanese

These Chicken Cutlets are great for multiple purposes.  You can use them for Chicken Cutlet Parmesan, by adding sauce and cheese.  But, you can also make amazing sandwiches, or even chicken fingers!  As a sandwich, you can make the standard Chicken Cutlet Parm sandwich, or you want a real treat, toast a ciabatta roll, place your Chicken Cutlet on it with a little mayonnaise, marinated roasted red pepper slices, tomato, lettuce and some fresh mozzarella cheese.    Or, you can always cut the cutlets into strips and  place them on a salad. 

·         1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
·         1 Cup Italian Breadcrumbs 
·         1 Cup Panko Breadcrumbs
·         ½ Teaspoon Salt
·         1 Cup of Flour
·         3  Eggs
·         1 Large Package of Thin Sliced Chicken Cutlets
·         Olive Oil for Frying
Heat the olive oil in a pan on Medium Heat
Beat the eggs and put them in a bowl
Combine the cheese, salt and both kinds of breadcrumbs and mix well.  Pour breadcrumb mixture in a pie plate, or something similar.
Pour the flour in another pie plate.
Take each chicken cutlet and coat with flour, both sides
Dip the floured chicken cutlet in the beaten egg and thoroughly coat.
Dip the egg covered chicken cutlet in bread crumb mixture.   Flip it over and thoroughly coat.
Fry the coated chicken in the olive oil.   Flip it and cook until golden brown.

I hope you enjoy this Chicken Cutlet recipe.   It is so easy to make this Italian recipe, that has been a staple of Italian families world wide.

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